A Hero to Many
By: Laura O'Connor

As he lies in the hills of Mount Vernon Cemetery, we live on
As his soul reunites with other family members in the sky, we mourn
As the brave, strong uniformed officer protects the skies, we remember
He’s the angel of our world
The Protector of our skies
Now walk a beat on Heavens streets
With all the memories, we see his life parade before us
He was as strong as a bulletproof vest
Pulling though his six month battle
He was:
The American Flag
The Police Officer
The Friend
The Co-Worker
The Seal of the Republic of Massachusetts
The Courage, Strength and Dedication
The Badge
We remember all those times spent together and those times spent apart
The excellent times and the inferior times
The friendly, talented, caring, loving, supportive and hardworking man we remember is now gone
Remembered down on earth as a Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Uncle, Godfather, and officer
He is seen as a guardian Angel up above
My Guardian Angel?
My Dad
Grant them your almighty protection and unite them safely with their families after duty ends!
Thumbs up!


The Anniversary
By: Laura O’Connor

One Year has passed
The memory still clear
The life you lived
The job you did
The battle you fought without fear
Not one day goes by without thinking about you
About the magical smile that was always on your face
Or how your boots had to always shine
Or how you loved us all
One Year has passed and we try to pull through each day
We try to stay strong and make you proud
For we know you would not want us to cry
So we try to hold our heads up high and keep a smile on our face
However it is hard each day
As we remember your life
As we remember those six months
As we remember that last day
In our eyes we see you as a hero
For we saw this on September 11th, 2003
As hundreds of people turned up to say their last goodbyes
As the motorcade of over 50 officers lead the way
And as officers marched behind
As your casket draped in the American flag was led to your final resting place
As the tears rolled down everyone’s eyes
As the bagpipes played, and the trumpet sounded
And the American flag was folded and presented to your wife
As your fellow officers removed their white gloves and layed them upon your casket
As your Children cried and were told how much you were respected
We love you so much
You fought your hardest
And lived life to its fullest
You can never be forgotten
Even though you are gone, your memory lives on each day
You will always be our Guardian Angel watching over us
Someday we will all be reunited with you in Heaven
I Love You Dad
Rest in Peace
You Are Missed Greatly by ALL!!!
Thumbs Up!