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If you are trying to renew a current License to Carry or Firearms Identification Card, you will need only to have a completed application and have the appropriate fee in cash at the time of your appointment. If you are a first time applicant you need a firearms safety course in addition to the application and fee at the time of your appointment. Application forms are available at the police station or online. Appointments are scheduled in the month prior to your current license’s expiration for renewals and when available for new applicants.

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Firearms procedures: Updated: October 8, 2004

A. APPLICATION - All applicants must complete and sign the application form for New/Renewal of Firearms (attached). Provide all the information that is requested on the form. Failure to provide information or providing false information will result in the denial of the application and if the information is false, the police department seeking a criminal complaint in the district court.
B. RESIDENCY – All residents must provide proof of residency of the Town of Abington. No applications for persons residing outside of Abington will be accepted.
C. AGE - All applicants shall provide proof of age in the form of a birth certificate, driver’s license or positive photo identification with date of birth.
D. FINGERPRINTS - All new applicants shall be fingerprinted. Renewals if necessary.
Ammo Dealer $ 100.00
Dealer $ 100.00
F.I.D. ‘Class C’ $ 100.00
F.I.D. ‘Class D’ (Chemical Spray) $ 25.00
F.I.D. ‘Class D’ (Renewal) FREE
L.T.C. ‘Class A or B’ $ 100.00
Non-Resident L.T.C. $ 100.00
Permit to Purchase $ 100.00*
Persons over 70 years of age exempt from paying a fee for LTC and FID

All fees are set by Massachusetts General Law

F. STATE SAFETY CERTIFICATION – Certification IS required for applicants for a firearm identification card, license to carry firearms who was not licensed under the provisions of M.G.L. Section 131A of Chapter 140.
1. Any applicant for the issuance of a firearm identification card who was not licensed under the provisions of M.G.L. Chapter 140 on June 01, 1998, or any applicant for issuance of a license to carry firearms, whether or not they were licensed as of June 01, 1998, shall, in addition to fulfilling all applicable requirements for said card, license or permit, provide the following certification:
a. a basic firearms safety certificate as required by M.G.L. Section 131P of Chapter 140, or
b. (Firearms identification card only) a certificate issued by the division of fisheries and wildlife pursuant to M.G.L. Chapter 131, evidencing satisfactory completion of a hunting safety course.
2. Subject to the limitations of M.G.L. Section 131P of Chapter 140, no application for the issuance of a firearm shall be accepted or processed by the licensing authority without said certification attached.
3. The certification requirements as stated herein (Paragraph 5A-B) shall not apply to an applicant for a firearm identification card, Class ‘D’, for the sole purpose of purchasing or possessing chemical mace, pepper mace, pepper spray or other similarly propelled liquid, gas or powder designed to temporarily incapacitate.G. APPOINTMENT – Before making an appointment make sure you meet all the requirements set forth. When all requirements are met you may call 781-878-3232 x122 or come to the Abington Police Department front desk in person and ask to speak with the firearms licensing offficer to schedule an appointment. If the firearms licensing officer is unavailable he will call you to schedule an appointment.

ALL Materials needed to fulfill your requirements MUST be brought the day of the appointment
Anyone not having in their possession all required material will be rescheduled

Class "A" or "B" License
1. Except for those persons who are exempt, and applicants who have been grand-fathered, pursuant to Chapter 180 of the Acts of 1998, e.g. applicant who lawfully possessed Large Capacity Firearms before the effective date of the Act, a Class "A" LTC will only be issued to the following class of persons subject to restrictions deemed appropriate by the chief:
Persons employed in the Security/Investigative Field – This class of people includes security guards, private detectives and/or investigators. To be eligible to receive a Class "A" or "B" LTC, the applicant must:
i. request his/her employer to submit a letter stating that possession of a firearm is necessary for employment.
ii. have the employer indicate in the letter the type of firearm carried by employees performing similar duties as the applicant.
iii. have the employer indicate in the letter that it will notify the Chief upon termination of the applicant
Business, Professional, People Who Handle Large Sums of Money or Other Valuables To be eligible to qualify for a Class "A" or "B" license under the category, the applicant must:
i. provide documentary proof that he/she is responsible for large
sums of money for payrolls or bank deposits or for the transportation of very valuable merchandise in their business. Additionally, the applicant must show good reason to fear injury to his/her person. To satisfy this requirement, the applicant will be required to state that type of merchandise or amount of moneys handled; any incidents of robberies or attempted robberies; any instances of the applicant being followed or cased; or provide any additional information the Chief of Police deems necessary to properly access the applicant’s need for a Class "A" or "B" LTC. This class of license will be restricted to those periods of time during which the licensee is responsible for the protection of the large sums of money or valuable merchandise and to travel to and from such employment. Failure to comply with this provision shall be cause for revocation of the license.
Other – this category of applicant is reserved for those individuals who can demonstrate a compelling need for a Class "A" or "B" LTC other than the above categories. Typically, a person who can provide evidence that his/her life is endangered would be considered.

781-878-3232 x 223
Firearms Licensing Off. Barry A. Geraghty
781-878-3232 x-122
Firearms Licensing Off. Kevin E. Sullivan
781-878-3232 x-212
APPOINTMENTS Scheduled by Licensing Officers


FEES – payment must be made in CASH
A. Persons over 70 years of age exempt from paying a fee for LTC and FID
B. Restricted FID Mace/Chemical Spray Class D– new issue $100.00
C. Non-restricted FID , Class ‘C’ - $100.00
D. LTC Class ‘A’, Class ‘B’ - $100.00
E. Possess a Machine Gun Class ‘E’ - $100.00

ALL Materials needed to fulfill your requirements MUST be brought the day of the appointment
Anyone not having in their possession all required material will be rescheduled

Direct any inquiries to:
Officer Barry A. Geraghty (781) 878-3232

This procedures form was amended on 10-08-2004 and will go into affect this date.