Abington Records Fee Schedule




Motor Vehicle Crash Reports

$5.00 for up to 6 pgs, .50 cents/pg for each addt’l page

Fire Insurance Reports

$5.00 for up to 6 pgs, .50 cents/pg for each addt’l page

Crime, Incident or Miscellaneous

$1.00 / pg

Log Reports

.50 cents /pg

Additional Photocopies

.20 cents / pg

*Large volume record requests (estimated to be over $10.00) will be made available for .50 cents /pg and at an additional cost for search and segregation of records. Currently, the fee for that is $10.13/half hour of the clerk’s time.  A written, good faith estimate will be provided for these requests.
*For a search of computerized records, the actual cost incurred in providing a copy may be assessed
*Fees may be waived where disclosure would benefit the public interest and at the discretion of the      Chief of Police
*When filling out your request form, please indicate how you would like to receive the information. We are able to mail, fax, e-mail and have records available for pick up in person.  Please choose only one option or you may be assessed an additional fee.

--------------------------CHECKS SHOULD BE MADE PAYABLE TO THE TOWN OF ABINGTON-----------------------
All fees are based on the recommendations set forth in MGL Chapter 66 Section 10 and in the Guide to Massachusetts Public Record Law






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Welcome to the Abington Police Department, Abington, MA
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