Thieves steal $400 from Abington couple with 14 children
By Maria Papadopoulos, Enterprise staff writer

For Michelle and Kenny Fisher of Abington, losing more than $400 will make it harder to feed their 14 children.
Earlier this week, Michelle Fisher said, thieves took the cash from the family van while she and some of the children were back-to-school shopping in Braintree.
The Fishers, who do not receive any public assistance, spend roughly $400 a week on groceries alone, she said.
"I just hope that the person who took the money realizes that I'm trying to feed my children," she said.
Fisher, 42, said her husband, a manager with a plumbing fixture manufacturer in Braintree, had cashed his paycheck on Saturday and mistakenly left the money under the radio compartment in the family van.
On Sunday afternoon, she said, she took five of the couple's children back-to-school shopping at Burlington Coat Factory on Granite Street in Braintree.
Fisher said she did not realize the money was still in the van and she left the windows open because it was a hot day.
The money was stolen between 1:30 and 3:30 p.m., she said.
"It's burning me every time I think about it," she said.
Fisher said she did not report the theft immediately to police, figuring since the theft was of cash, nothing could be done.
After talking to The Enterprise Wednesday, she contacted Braintree police.
Braintree police said Fisher called to report the theft and she was asked to file a report at the police station, but she declined.
Fisher said she owns and uses the 15-passenger van in her job as a school van driver.
Fisher said she has already dipped into funds for the family mortgage payment, due this week, to go food shopping.
Fisher and her husband, Kenny, 41, share a seven-bedroom, 21/2-bath house in Abington with their 14 children, who range in age from 6 months to 18 years.
"I'm sick to my stomach about it," Fisher said about the theft. "I hope (the thieves) have a conscience of what they've done to us."

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