Trailer brings ‘rolling bomb’ to Abington
By Elaine Allegrini, Enterprise staff writer

Abington – A Plymouth man faces state and federal charges after police say he towed a "rolling bomb" through heavily traveled roads Wednesday.
A utility trailer carrying 22 unsecured pressurized canisters of flammable propane gas, oxygen and acetylene was seized at midday on Route 58 near the intersection of Route 123, Police Chief David Majenski said.
He said it was a "rolling bomb" that had the potential to explode on the congested streets of town.
The unmarked canisters, carrying from 20 to 200 pounds of gases, were in various degrees of deterioration, piled on top of each other, with nozzles hitting each other, he said.
"A quick stop or sudden turn could have torn one of the nozzles off," Majenski added.
He said the canisters were being transported in violation of federal regulations that require the containers to be upright and secured when in transit, markings to indicate if the contents are flammable, and a placard on the vehicle to identify the cargo.
The operator of the truck towing the trailer, Steven Leary, 35, of 37 Beach St., Plymouth, had a suspended license, Majenski said.
He said a criminal complain will be sought charging Leary with operating after his license was suspended, a subsequent offense, and transporting hazardous materials without a permit.
He faces a plethora of violations on the federal side and fines up to $29,000, the chief added.
Majenski credited officer Kevin F. Sullivan with recognizing the danger of the cargo that he observed traveling north on Route 58 shortly before noon.
The vehicle and trailer were seized and removed to a remote location. Majenski expects a licensed hazardous materials hauler will properly dispose of the canisters today.
Meanwhile, he said, Sullivan and Officer Todd Cantalupo continue investigating the case. They comprise the local truck team, specially trained to spot and investigate truck violations.
Majenski said he sent the officers for truck training after receiving complaints from residents about the volume and class of traffic that travels through Abington where there are four state highways.
The canisters came from West Washington Street in Hanson and were headed to Hingham for disposal, Majenski said. However, investigators learned that BOX Gases in Hingham would not have accepted the canisters.
Majenski said his officers notified Hanson police that more canisters may be at the West Washington Street locations.
Hanson Fire Chief Allen Hoyt said he was advised of the canisters Thursday morning by Abington Fire Chief Malcolm Whiting.

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